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Jono Cary
Sound Recordist & Production Sound Mixer
London, UK

TV, Film, Documentary, Branded Content & Commercial

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Professional, The Best Kit, Friendly, World travelled Jono Cary London Sound Recordist

Hello, I’m Jono Cary and I am a London based freelance sound recordist and production sound mixer with many years of experience in the industry. I’ve got a highly personable and organised attitude and I possess a broad range of specialist skills in the TV production / Film, commercial, corporate, broadcasting, event, and audio-visual spheres. I’m a sound recordist from London, UK with a vast array of experience and knowledge ready to get the sound right on your production.

I have extensive experience in all types of production sound; TV, commercial, corporate, documentary, film, 360, VR, Binaural and branded content. Based in London, United Kingdom and happy to travel worldwide! Working in every environment and able to get broadcast sound whatever the conditions!

I have many, many hours of on-set experience working with every type of client. Someone you can trust to work harmoniously with any crew, whatever the shoot. Holds clean UK car and motorbike licences. UK passport holder, DBS / CRB checked, friendly, professional, hard-working and a can-do attitude. Getting the job done to the highest quality is the name of the game.

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Notable Talent Credits

I have worked alongside some A-list talent & directors/producers such as: Sir Trevor McDonald, Tom Daily, Ed Sheeran, Andi Peters, Danny Dyer, Stormzy, Richard E Grant, Jonathan Ross, Johhny Vaughn, Robbie Williams, Rio Ferdinand, Chris & Kem, Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim, Paul Heaton, Billy Bragg, Jacqui Abbott, Joanna Lumley, Joe Scarbro, Harry Shearer, Celia Imerie, Dame Diana Rigg, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Sir Ian Mckellen, Hugh Jackman, Robbie Williams, James Blunt, Gary Lineker, Guy Ritchie, Jamie Oliver, The Christley’s, Nick Ferrari, Elkhart Tolle, Dexter Fletcher to name a few!

Notable Company Credits

Major commercial and corporate clients as a sound recordist / mixer including; Netflix, Amazon Prime, Channel 4, FIFA, BBC, Disney, Nike, USA, Bravo, VICE, France 5, Toyota, ITV, Saatchi & Saatchi, Google, USA Network, Microsoft, Sony, RTE, Neilson, Christies, Deutsche Bank, SYCO Music, Grand Public, Hyundai, LBC, Amey, DNA Films.

Specialist Relevant Information
  • – I-Visa (Foreign Media) USA approved for 5 Years
  • – Full UK Driving licence and motorcycle licence & advanced IAM motorcyclist / driver
  • – Specialist 4×4 Driving skills for extreme environments
  • – DBS / CRB certification for working with children / minors (enhanced chaperone status)
  • – Specialist skills and experience with 360 / VR and Binaural Shoots
  • – Specialist mountain training, and a life long skier and snowboarder for mountain shoots
Notable Company Logos

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Amazing Interiors – Netflix – Sound Recordist FIFA 19 PROMO – Branded Content
Let’s Talk About Sex – CH4 – Sound Recordist Sabrina & Idris Elba – British Vogue
21 Again – BBC – Sound Recordist You Vs Chris & Kem – ITV – Sound Recordist
Paul Heaton: From Hull To Heatongrad Tilda Rice ‘Tildalicious’ 2018 TVC
Grand Prix Driver – Amazon Prime – TV Doc TV BBC3 – Sound Recordist
Branded Content Paralympic Binaural Rec – Toyota Global Acoustic Special Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Wretch 32
Don’t Tell The Bride – E4 – TV Department of Education 2018 Commercial – TV
TV – Commercial – Sound Recordist Motion Capture Audio – Sound Recordist
TV – Sound Recordist Commercial – Production Sound Mixer
TV Documentary – Sound Recordist Commercial – Sound Recordist
TV – Production Sound Mixer ASOS Online Doc – Sound Recordist
Commercial – Sound Recordist TV Reality – Sound Recordist
TV – Sound Recordist Online Content – Sound Recordist
Branded Content – Sound Recordist Feature Doc – Sound Recordist

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Kit List


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Download: Jono Cary – Sound Recordist CV

Whether it’s a small ‘Portable Single Camera’ (PSC) Doc or corporate job, a large scale multi-camera reality TV job, A full scale commercial or Drama or something more specialist like a music recording, VR / 360 sound capture or extreme conditions recording, kit choices for sound department are important! Below is a list of the core kit that I have as a sound recordist, additional items can be sub-hired for specialist jobs. A few major considerations when hiring sound kit is having sound back-ups, timecode sync and IEM (In Ear Monitors) / wireless headsets.

Sound Back-up / Camera Link
Having sound backed up (recording in more than one place) it is always recommended, this is achieved by having it recorded in the sound bag and on the camera and this can be done using a stereo wireless hop (see below) which is dedicated transmitter in the sound bag going to a dedicated 2 channel receiver mounted and powered from a V-Lock plate on camera. A cheaper option for getting audio onto camera for playback and first edits (but not for final mix) is a mono ‘scratch’ hop.

Timecode Sync
Timecode is a seriously time saving tool for post-production workflow. Having the camera’s TC and sound recorders TC synced means that in post the audio files and video files drop seamlessly together and sync is done for you. TC sync is achieved by using TC lockit boxes that are synced with the sound bag (the master) on TOD (Time Of Day) timecode and then feed the camera with the exact same timecode accurate to within a 1/4 of a single frame over 24 hours. The boxes are very small and self powered and will save much more time in post than they cost to hire per day on set! In addition, both as a backup and to aid cameras without TC sync a ‘timecode clapper board’ or ‘smart slate’ can be hired (see below) which gives a visual readout of the timecode and the age-old traditional ‘sticks’ snapping for the audio/visual sync point.

IEM / Wireless / Client Headsets
IEM or In Ear Monitor receivers are essentially wireless receivers with headphones that can be hired (see below) for listening into the sound mix on set. Several different mixes can be sent out e.g. Just lav mics, or just boom or overall mix. Giving Director, client, producer, script supervisors or anyone else a listen into the audio being captured on set.

Sound Recorders / Mixers
Wireless Radio Microphones / Lavaliers / IFB
  • 4 x Wisycom MTP40S-UN Transmitters
  • 1 x Wisycom MCR54 Quad Channel wideband Receiver
  • 6 x Sennheiser IEM Receivers (For Director/Script/Client Headsets) with Sony Over-Ear Headphones
  • RF Distribution and Shark fin antennas for long range wireless connectivity
  • Audio Ltd Stereo Camera Hop on V-Lock Mounting Kit
Timecode & Sync
  • Timecode connection cables for RED, Arri, Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, Panasonic, Denecke etc.
  • 4 x Tentacle Sync Sync boxes to sync camera and sound – Frame perfectly
  • 1 x Deneke Digislate / TC Clapperboard Slate TS-1
  • 2 X Mackie SRM 450 PA Speakers for playback
  • Car-to-Car Rig including magnetic whip aerials and shark fin aerials for long range monitoring on a follow vehicle
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 15” 2.7GHz i7, 16GB RRAM, 1TB Flash Drive (with 4 x 2 TB Lacie External Drives)
  • Apogee Duet 196/24 bit SoundCard / Pre Amp
  • Many C-stands, clamps, tapes and audio-grip accessories

sound mixer kit, 664, 633, 833 sound devices, lectrosonics, mkh-50, cmit
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Recent Credits


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Rosie Helps – Comedy Central
Invictus Games – Vice 2020
Mummy Diaries – ITV 2019
You vs Chris & Kem – ITV 2019
Lets Talk About Sex – CH4 2019
’21 Again’ NAKED TV – BBC1 2019
‘From Hull to Heatongrad’ Paul Heaton – CH4 2019
‘Amazing On The Inside’ – Netflix 2018
Grand Prix Driver – Amazon Prime 2018
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore ‘Missing Tapes’ – CH4 2017
Ladies Of London (Season 3) – Bravo USA 2017
The Voice (VT’s) – ITV 2016
Soccer Aid – BBC 2016
Don’t Tell The Bride (S9) – SKY 1 – 2016
The Ealling Comedies – UK Gold 2016
Dual – France 5 2015
Christly Knows Best (Season 3) – USA 2015
Saints and Sinners – BBC4 2015
Wolfblood (Season 3) – CBBC 2014

Wren Kitchens 2020
Team GB / Dreams Beds 2020
James Blunt – Amazon Music
Tilda Rice ‘Tildalicious’
Coca-Cola / Fuse Tea
Scala Sauces
2018 Department of Education
Nissan X Trail / SKY
Nice ‘n’ Easy
James Blunt ‘The Afterlife’
Purina (W/ Claire Balding)
Nissan #hoybot
Microsoft ‘Do Anything’
Nike ‘Metcon Shoe’
Yammah B-Series


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